Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are growing in popularity thanks to their durability, aesthetic appeal and unsurpassed protection against he elements. Del Rio Roofing Company is the Atlanta metal roofing specialist who can design and install a metal roof that is technologically innovative, durable, beautiful, and lasts a lifetime.

Del Rio Roofing Company specializes in metal roofing Atlanta area homes and businesses. We have a full sheet metal shop with a highly specialized metal roofing crew that only installs metal roofing systems. Most people still think of the traditional asphalt shingle roof as the “obvious” choice. While asphalt is certainly not a bad option, there are several advantages to choosing metal as your roofing system.

Metal roofing systems also lead the way in fire protection for your home. Because of your metal roof having that extra strength (and resistance to fire), you may be able to qualify for lower premiums on your homeowner’s insurance. Check with your insurance agent for information. A Metal Roof can last a lifetime. In fact, there are known cases of metal roofs outlasting the home itself.

When you compare metal roofing that last 50 years or more with asphalt shingles that last maybe 10-20 years, you can see why the cost is higher for metal. But you recover that investment in the long run by not having to replace your roof every 15 years. Metal Roofing is Energy-Efficient. This is a big factor here in Florida, where the sun is relentless much of the year. It is common for temperatures in your attic to go well above 100 degrees. When your home has a metal roof, it will actually reflect a high percentage of that radiant energy coming from the sun. The roof will also have its own built-in venting system. All of this means that your attic doesn’t get as hot, so your home’s AC system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your living area at a comfortable temperature. That translates to lower electricity costs. A Metal Roof Adds Value to Your Home. Most people don’t stay in a home for 50 years. If you think you might sell your home and move within the next decade or two, a metal roof will be a big selling point. The new buyer will know that the roof won’t need to be replaced for a long time.